Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I am going to Portugal and to be honest; I'm nervous about that

I like to work with organizations on their processes
I love it to learn new things and pass them on 
I love it to be surprised every day about what's going on in organizations
I love it to not take myself too serious
and I'm passionate about translating all the above into blogs with a ;-)
And that's why I, at several digital places, like to contribute to process related discussions. Also at where I regularly end up in fights with people who think that BPM is technology or BPM is a project ;-)
And it seems that some think that my vision (which I just see as common sense) is quite unorthodox. And to my surprise I received a request to become a speaker at a BPM conference in Portugal. 
In a skype conversation with the organizer, he told me that my vision is appreciated and would fit well in this year's conference. 
What? Me at a BPM conference?  I'll just do helping organizations with process related issues and I write about that. Who would be interested in that? 
And besides that, this year's theme is Digitization. That has nothing to do with BPM, does it?  ;-) 
Especially these kind of "heuh? statements" is what they appreciate. After some more chatting we concluded that a better role for me would be to lead a panel discussion. 
Several people who know very much about Digitization and me being the voice of the audience, trying to understand all the mumbo jumbo. 
I spent a night thinking about it after concluding "Who cares? The worst thing that could happen is that my career will be over for ever"
A little cynical of course, but me, as a shy boy from the North East of the Netherlands, leading a panel with all those gurus? It makes me a little nervous, to be honest. 
I hope the weather in Lisbon will be nice. 

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